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Biobest is a company that provides biological crop protection solutions. They are a global leader in their field and have a presence in over 60 countries. They needed a new website that would showcase their products and services in a modern and user-friendly way.

The website was built using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and Directus as the headless CMS. The site is fully responsive and optimized for performance. It features a custom-built product catalog (built with Algolia) that allows users to filter products by category and search for specific products. The site also includes a news section where Biobest can share updates and articles with their customers.

It also features a map component that shows the locations of Biobest’s offices and distributors around the world. The map is interactive and allows users to click on a location to view more information about it. I used Mapbox to build this component.

One of the challenges was to make the site multilingual. The site had to be available in multiple languages, but the language chooser had to include all countries in the world. Most of the countries had an English version, but some had a localized version. We used next-intl to handle the translations and the language switching.

Another challenge was the performance. The site had some pages that had a lot of links to f.e. their products, the pests they can help with and the crops they can help with. Because of this, we had to disable the prefetching of the links to prevent the site from loading all the linked pages once the user visited any page.

Overall, the site was a success and has helped Biobest to better showcase their products and services to their customers. The site is easy to navigate and provides users with all the information they need to learn more about Biobest and their offerings.